Tips For Creating Secure Passwords That Are Easy to Remember

Passwords are key to accessing all of your personal business information. It’s important to create not only a strong password, but also a memorable one so that hijackers can’t take sensitive data. 

3 rules to creating a strong password include:

  • Make your password more than 8 characters long
  • Include a mix of numbers, symbols, and upper and lowercase letters
  • Avoid repetition, letter or number sequences, usernames, or personal things that are easy to guess such as important dates or names. 

The problem with creating a strong password can be the ability to remember it, especially when you have several passwords for several accounts. There are a few tricks you can try that will make it easier to easily remember your strong passwords for the ultimate security. 

  1. Use a phrase for your password, but only use the first letter of each word. 
  2. Use proper cases for words in a phrase. 
  3. Use a phrase that includes numbers in it.
  4. Spell out numbers such as two for 2 and four for 4. You can also spell them as to and for. 
  5. Include punctuation in a phrase password. 

Take the following example:

The phrase would be ‘The Dodgers game starts at 3 in the afternoon!’

The password becomes TDgsa3ita!

By using this method, you don’t have to remember the entire password, just the phrase. 

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