This Managed Services Addendum (the "Addendum") is a part of and incorporated into the Master Service Agreement (“Agreement”) entered into between ACM COMPUTERS (“Provider”) and the party that executed the associated Order (“Client”). The date on which Client signed the Quote for Managed Services shall be the "Effective Date" of this Agreement.

Terms and Conditions

Appendix A – Managed Service Requirements

PC’s, Servers, and network equipment including routers, switches, backup devices and media must be less than 5 years old or turning 5 years old in the first 11 months of the agreement. Servers must be replaced by clients upon reaching the age of 5 years. Replacement installation costs are billed outside the monthly service amount at the Provider’s then hourly rate. Servers must be covered by an active hardware warranty. The Provider will coordinate warranty diagnostics, repairs and return to service.

PC’s (laptops/desktops/Macs) in excess of 5 years in age that fail will need to be replaced by the client with a new machine or one that is less than 5 years in age. Work to restore or replace equipment older than 5 years will be billed as an additional charge.

At the time of initiating service for the Client, the Provider will evaluate the Client’s network and determine whether all Managed Services Requirements are in place and if not in place will install the required services. Charges for bringing the network into compliance with the requirements will be billed as incurred as additional services