Managed IT

IT 360

Our 360IT Service Plan is the ideal service plan for a business looking to maximize uptime – while avoiding the peaks and valleys of costs and overhead associated with managing an IT infrastructure.

POWER to Drive Your Business

Take a closer look at everything you’ll receive from us when you sign up for our all-inclusive, business-centric 360IT Service Plan:

  • 24/7 Remote + Onsite Support
  • 24/7 Network Monitoring + Alerting
  • 24/7 Automated Auto Fix
  • 7 Layers of Cybersecurity Protection
    • Automated Security Patching + Maintenance
    • Antivirus/Malware Protection
    • Email Protection
    • Web Browsing Protection
    • Endpoint Ransomware Protection
    • Perimeter Firewall Protection
    • Geo-Redundant Local + Cloud Backup Protection
  • Office 365 Premium (Including Exchange Online)
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • IT Ticketing + Documentation Portal
  • vCIO/vCTO (IT Budgeting + Planning)
  • Procurement Management

Security & Compliance

Success is an inside job.

So is security.

To ensure that your operation is every bit as safe and secure as it is successful and profitable, we provide a strong suite of security services. That way, you can enjoy greater peace of mind while you chase down that new piece of business.

  • Endpoint Protection
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Compliance Services
  • Employee Training
Cyber security

Cloud Services

Tablet working in cloud computing

If it's happening at a high level today,

It's surely happening in the cloud.

We offer a wide range of versatile, valuable and easily implemented and maintained cloud services. So your business can stay focused on always aiming – and flying – high. With less overhead.

  • Hosted + Hybrid Cloud
  • Virtualization Services
  • Hosted VOIP
  • Office 365/Exchange Online


Project Management

Looking for help with a project outside the scope of your day to day service needs?

Look No Further.

ACM IT has seasoned project managers that will plan your project from start to finish to ensure it is completed on time and within budget. We have helped small, medium and even large organizations who have their own IT staff overcome the struggles of managing a project while also dealing with the day to day service needs. Fill out the form below and we will setup a meeting to discuss how ACM IT can help you with your project.

Business woman in office

We provide you with Virtual CIO Services

So you can focus on your business

ACM IT offers Virtual Chief Information Officer (CIO) services for larger organizations that have a full IT staff but need direction for future growth and operational improvements to maximize return on your IT investments. We can either review your current processes, procedures, and future growth plans or give recommendations for any areas of improvement or with our business continuity planning and technical assessment services we can create a plan for you from the ground up! Click “Get a Quote” below to request a meeting to discuss how ACM IT can help your organization.

Business Continuity Planning

Downtime will cost any size business money, energy and time. Disaster recovery is a service that comes standard with our Infinity Managed IT Service Plan, however as a separate service for larger organizations ACM IT offers business continuity planning. How much does an hour of downtime cost your business? If your organization experiences a disaster, how quickly can you recover? Do you have geographical redundancy in the case of a natural disaster? These are all concerns we address with our business continuity planning. Click “Get a Quote” below to request a meeting to discuss how ACM IT can help with improving redundancies at your organization.

Technical Assessment

Do you know if your business is using best practices for your IT infrastructure? A technical assessment is a service that comes standard with our Infinity Managed IT Service Plan, however as a separate service for larger organizations who may have their own IT staff we offer technical assessments. Do you have any security holes in your network or due to lack of patching? Are you using enforced password policies? Is your software in compliance? Do you have aged equipment costing you time and money with loss of productivity? Click “Get a Quote” below to request an estimate for a technical assessment of your IT infrastructure.



Our team is looking forward to learning about your IT challenges. Contact us for a free no-obligation assessment with an ACM IT expert.